Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blog Post #6

The Blackthorn Key
Kevin Sands
The Blackthorn Key takes place in London, England. The book is set in the older days where there were Masters and Apprentices. One of the masters, Master Benedict, had an apprentice named Christopher. Most of the book explains how there are certain messages written in code, backwards, or even in Latin. Towards the middle of the book Master Benedict disappeared and Christopher set out to find the clues Master Benedict left. Throughout the story Chris and his best friend Tom get into a lot of trouble to the point where they almost ended up dead.
I am on page 275 and I plan to read to page 325 over Spring break.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Blog Post 5

I am currently reading Famous Last Words by Katie Alender. I just started this book but the quote that stood out to me most was, "No matter how many times I vowed to quit, I found myself with the candle lit, the ring on my finger, trying to get through to my dad. Because I needed to find him. I needed to tell him I was sorry I killed him." (Pg.11) I was surprized that the girl killed her father. Throughout the beginning that story talked about the girl's dead father and I thought he was a victim in an accident but it was actually a murder. The main character, Willa, was always paranoid about the life beyond and when she moved into her new house she wasn't so surprized as she found out about the deaths that had happened in her new house.